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    Are you dissatisfied that we may be the first generation in centuries that leaves the world to our kids in a worse state than how we received it?

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    Are you heads-down at work and need peers to reflect on what matters and be informed on world issues? Do you desire to make a difference but wonder if you have the time, access or experience?

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    Do you have a hard time making sense of what’s going on in the country and how you can help, given the volume and fragmentation of information?

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    Do you want to challenge your worldview, perceptions, and perspectives alongside other accomplished, thoughtful leaders?

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    Do you believe that a community of people with shared values can amplify your passions and talents to create greater impact?

If you answered “yes” to any or all these questions, you are likely interested in Alder. We are a membership organization, by invitation and sponsorship only.

A Message from Board Member, Brian Ferguson
A Message from Board Member


Founder & CEO, Arena Labs and Partner & Co-founder of The Liminal Collective

brian ferguson

We Are a Community


We Are a Community

We are a community of individuals, all from different backgrounds, occupations, locations, and stages of life. But we all believe in actively living according to our values and serving beyond our self-interest. We have a common belief in preserving freedom and opportunity for all and creating a better world for future generations.


Our network is comprised of respectable and influential individuals. But we come together as a community to augment their impact through shared values, knowledge, perspective, exposure to critical issues, and opportunities to civically engage locally and around the world. We learn and experience these things together; engage in deep, occasionally difficult but non-divisive dialogue; and inspire and celebrate each other’s successes, all with a healthy dose of fun.

We also believe in the “network effect.” Alder helps turn your curiosity into passion and passion into action. Our community and our wider network of experts, influencers, and supporters help amplify your impact beyond what you could accomplish even as an extraordinary individual.

What Members Are Saying

Lawrence Grey

“There is such a clear identity and character to an Alder member, you can see it, you can feel it, and there’s a look in their eye. There's an intensity passion, and civic consciousness…I'm so fortunate to have been touched by Alder…”

Lawrence Grey Member since 2020

“Nothing has grown me more personally, philanthropically, and professionally than Alder. Nothing is like it. I even wrote a love note to it!”

Nancy Gale Member since 2016

Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

We require a shared passion, meaningful engagement, and an annual minimum contribution of $12,500 that goes directly to support providing the Alder experience.