Generational Leadership


In our community, Generational Leaders discover ways to correct current misdirection and set-up future generations for success. They embody a lifelong pursuit of wisdom and concerted action aimed at nurturing a prosperous and free society for future generations. These leaders prioritize general welfare over the short-term interests of ego, shaping culture and creating a network effort that tackles a range of critical issues.

Drawing from the concept of “T-shaped leadership,” these individuals excel in their fields while also engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration. Successful in their professions, they leverage their skills as citizen leaders, earning respect within their communities. At a pivotal life stage, they reflect on legacy, purpose, and societal contribution, driven by the desire to improve the world for subsequent generations.

They seek to answer two fundamental questions:

  • 1
    What kind of world do I want for my children?
  • 2
    Who must I be to create and contribute to that world?

Answering and applying the answers to these questions requires prioritizing preparedness and skill over premature action. They do not fire and then aim.

At times, they might be uncertain and concerned about the world around them or overwhelmed as busy and productive people. But, here, they’re able to harness their vast knowledge and skills effectively. They’re in tune with where their gifts meet needs and are equipped with knowledge and experiences that allow them to make a difference and steward foundational values of living freely and well.

A Framework for Generational Leadership

Alder’s two decades of work with thousands of exceptional individuals has yielded a dynamic, holarchy inspired framework that taps into the community’s talent pool.

More than less, Generational Leaders
work within this framework:

  • 1
    Pursuing Personal Growth and Values

    We are committed to both, and see alignment in how an individual is an agent of progress and shaping culture while championing the principles that nurture individual character and uphold a free society.

  • 2

    We strive to be adept wisdom builders and truth seekers, and we approach issues with a foundational understanding, critically applying mental models and knowledge to dissect and address these concerns.

  • 3
    Building Community: Strength in Numbers

    We are a community that facilitates opportunities, fosters collaboration, and offers perspective and accountability.

  • 4
    Applying Knowledge

    We guide others through learning, discourse, and joint action, having delved into the root causes of societal challenges — from the misapplication or disregard of values to systemic problems — and observe the real-world impact of these issues.

  • 5
    Strengthening Civic Life and Institutions

    We are aware of both our leadership potential and limits, acknowledging the extent and constraints of our influence, in order to devise actionable solutions. We identify key decision-makers and the mechanisms of influence—such as politics, policy, or philanthropy, and at varying levels from local to state to national—that are most effective for tackling the issues at hand.

  • 6
    Confronting Interconnected Issues

    We proactively address issues on the horizon within civics, security, economics, education, and culture, recognizing the interconnectedness and multi-generational nature of these issues.

  • 7
    Living a Legacy

    We are committed to leading in the movement of generational leadership, reclaiming a sense of duty and ownership for living freely and well.

Generational Leaders in Action

Patrick Wade

Patrick Wade is a lot of things: an equine pharmaceutical entrepreneur, hotelier, and filmmaker. He is also a turbocharged citizen who collaborates extensively with Alder.

As a major supporter and insightful advisor to high-ranking government officials, Patrick strives to enhance public policy outcomes in the country. He is also civically engaged closer to home serving on the national board for the California Policy Center as well as the board of The Open Door Network, formerly the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter.

Despite operating at prominent levels of impact, he steadfastly adheres to the fundamentals. Patrick understands that active engagement is crucial for economic growth. He knows firsthand the life-altering power of quality education and opportunity. Therefore, he is fervent about learning and personal growth. Few can rival his mastery of history, politics, and current events—or his skill in educating others while retaining the humility to learn himself.

Jamie Reid

Jamie Reid is a seasoned entrepreneur in the insurance sector, specializing in complex compensation and trucking. Seeking more than commercial success, Jamie has integrated the values of learning, purpose, and freedom into coaching youth sports teams, and, with his business partner (also a member), his company’s culture. He has developed programs for his employees to understand global issues, including extremism and the conflict in Israel. He actively seeks to uplift those around him. Jamie recently extended his reach into international security by joining an Alder delegation to a war zone in Ukraine. There, he gained insights into the value of self-determination, shared his experiences, and made direct contributions to soldiers on the front lines.