Impact is the cumulative measure of the good we do.

The American Experiment, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, hinges on the enduring commitment of citizens across generations. Impact in this context is threefold: quality of individual citizens, robust social networks, and network effects of direct engagement on pressing issues. Alder helps drive each of these outcomes, and in that order.  

Central to our republic is the individual, whose freedoms are the foundation of civic life and who address challenges through character and capability. The need to nurture citizen leaders is critical. These individuals forge social capital, the collaborative networks essential for collective action and national guidance.

genarational leadership

We believe that awakening influential individuals to their full intellectual, personal, and civic potential is key to improving the culture.

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When leaders invest in their growth, understanding, and relationships, they will invariably be better positioned to strengthen their influence and impact. 

Alder works with members to catalyze, facilitate, advise, or manage impactful endeavors. We have a modern vision of the future that is fresh and innovative while being rooted in timeless ideas and traditions. Alder doesn’t dictate what issues our members should want to impact. Instead, we equip them to explore and discover their own vision for creating change, sustaining community, and both living and leaving a legacy.

While Alder has a philosophy, approach, and methods, we realize that there is no one playbook.  Different circumstances call for varied strategies and tactics and Alder is as entrepreneurial an organization as they come. We have been preparing for deep dialogue on building character for an upcoming retreat and we are migrating from Zoom to podcasts. But with the events in Israel, we immediately pivoted to a Zoom briefing for our members by Four-Star General Clark, former Commander of US Special Operations Command, and assisted members in getting loved ones out of harm’s way. Having Impact doesn’t always go according to plan. 

Our range of impact is wide and comes in many flavors. At times, the idea is organizationally directed and at other times, it is through member network effects. We’re always in it together.

Alder Global Impact

Violent Extremism 1
Violent Extremism

Alder co-spearheaded the first-ever private-sector solution to countering violent extremism. During the height of online radicalization and rising threats of homegrown extremism, the community harnessed its reach and ingenuity to work with partners and launch the Against Violent Extremism network – made up of former extremists and survivors of terrorism – to disrupt homegrown recruitment of terrorists. We also helped develop an entrepreneurial approach to online de-radicalization. The network helped protect the homeland for over ten years and was recognized at a three-day White House Summit on Combating Violent Extremism in 2015. All of this was inspired and launched as a result of the passions and resources of members being catalyzed through the membership experience. 

Ukraine Group 2 Delegation Option 1

It started as a grassroots effort to bring women and children out of Ukraine, and then two Alder members (and former government officials) challenged our members to lead the way. Alder members traveled to Ukraine at war to better understand the siege on their independence and pursuit of Western ideals against the Russian invasion. Collectively, members invested more than $5M to support Ukrainian refugees, rebuild local institutions, and direct human aid after meeting with the top military and business leaders across the region.

Alder Local Impact

Lori Otto Punke

In response to Washington State’s political and legislative stalemate, Lori Otto Punke, John Murray, and Steve Gordon started Change Washington, a nonprofit to bring accountability and transparency to improve policy outcomes that lead to a better business environment and better public safety. It has grown into a trusted source for truth in WA policy. Alder members primarily drove funding and leadership, proving the power of the purposeful network effect.

Troy Medley
Global | Member since 2010

Troy Medley is a tenacious entrepreneur with notable achievements in the sports and healthcare sectors. Yet, he aspired for more profound impact. Alder ignited the purpose-driven aspects of his character, prompting deep reflection on the institutions and mentors pivotal to his own growth. He became increasingly troubled by the thought that young men today might lack the role models and support systems that were crucial to his own upbringing. Responding to this concern, he started a large charter school and he took on the leadership role as CEO of Lambda Chi Alpha, the fraternity that was instrumental in his early life. Now, he dedicates his life to empowering young men nationwide, guiding them toward building a constructive future. Troy’s influence is tangible within families and communities across the country. He stands on the cusp of launching a significant new initiative that aligns with his commitment to nurturing the next generation.

Individual Alder Member Impact

Autumn Strier
Autumn Strier
Orange County | Member since 2009

As the co-founder and CEO of Miracles for Kids, one of Southern California’s most respected charities, Autumn Strier has led the organization in providing resources and relief to over 2,000 families with children battling life-threatening conditions. Under her leadership, the organization has raised nearly $50 million, making it an enduring presence in the lives of those who need them most. Before this, Autumn was actively engaged in public policy and engaged in a range of issues at every level. With Alder, she engaged with other members on her core mission and can learn, be exposed, and be impactful with issues well beyond the ones she touches on a daily basis.

Leyda Bequer
Leyda Bequer
Orange County | Member since 2018

Leyda Bequer emigrated from Cuba to America as a young child. With her family, she tapped into her instinctive entrepreneurial ability and built and owned several businesses – including Fiesta Mexicana Market. Having witnessed Communism and the Castro regime’s impact on families, businesses, and schools, Leyda has committed herself to helping the next generation prosper by safeguarding the uniquely American values of liberty and opportunity. She has traveled all around the world with the Alder community and provided aid to the people and causes that need it most because she is committed to living a legacy now. An Alder speaker challenged her to share her story because it’s a story of the preciousness and necessity of freedom. Alder helps her navigate the values, issues, and landscape to be most impactful. 

Kyle Cox
Kyle Cox
Los Angeles | Member since 2018

Kyle Cox served our country in the Navy and established a formidable career as an entrepreneur. He founded several media, lifestyle, and fashion companies, including his Thoroughly Crafted Goods, a footwear and lifestyle company. He leveraged his business success to found Thoroman, an initiative to empower young men to be the best versions of themselves. Working with high school students in under-resourced communities, Kyle offers best-in-class mentorship to help young men develop the skills and training to be successful members of society. He and Alder members are regularly seen mentoring these students, taking Kyle’s lead as a civic leader.