Liberty. Leadership. Legacy.

Living a legacy is just as important as leaving one.

Our society has become collectively adrift, plagued by complex problems, disinformation, and polarization. Just when leaders are needed the most, they have lost touch with their personal values and the core values of our founding, forsaking their role as stewards.

The Solution: Ignite Generational Leadership

We are igniting a network of highly influential leaders to individually and collectively make a difference for the betterment of society and future generations.

Our Impact, as individuals, as member communities, and as Alder is profound. Full Stop.

We’re impactful in the actions we take, because our experiences are based on:

Learning and Growth

We engage in wisdom-building and discourse with leading minds through experiences that sharpen our perspectives and calls to action. Then, we hold one another accountable to make a difference.


Being an active member of Alder is, in and of itself, a dynamic civic experience. The source for freedom and progress in America depends on the quality and commitments of each citizen, and we take that to heart.


We are greater than the sum of our parts. We surround ourselves with committed and compelling people, which improves us as individuals and strengthens the impact we have together.


We take our mission seriously, but not ourselves. We treat fun as an integral way to build personal and community connection.

Message from Alder CEO
From Alder CEO

Michael P. Davidson

“Alder members are like civic firemen. We learn to spot and take on the heat, suit up, and then blast our hoses on important missions.  National security, helping our veterans, being stewards of our history and values, educating our kids well are all issues I have touched at Alder.”

Leyda Bequer Founder, Fiesta Foods

“There are a lot of networks of businesspeople.  But there are not a lot of networks of businesspeople who lean into seemingly intractable problems in the way Alder does. It’s the embodiment of soft power in a very real sense.”

Jared Cohen President of Global Affairs and co-head of the Office of Applied Innovation at Goldman Sachs & Author of numerous books, including the forthcoming Life After Power: Seven Presidents and Their Search for Purpose Beyond the White House (release Feb 2024)