Igniting Generational Leadership

Alder is a community of influential people on a journey of growth and sense-making to become Generational Leaders.

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What We Do


Alder is creating a new leadership class through a formative learning and growth journey, shaping perspective and positively impacting society.

  • A community of established executives and entrepreneurial minds
  • Curated information and dialogue to explore complex issues
  • Intentional journey to shape and live a legacy of impact
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How We Do It

Growth, Sense-making, & Community

Membership at Alder is a commitment to deepening our search for transformation through the spiral of life. We design experiences that foster personal growth, drive sense-making, and build community.


We look in the mirror together, reflecting on our shared values and challenging each other to rise above division.

Chris Winn

President, SSI (Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Hybrid Industries)

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This is a group of leaders who are committed to exploring today’s societal issues through values and ideals that our country has long stood for.

Kathy Bintz

CEO, CRP (Retail Packaging)

This community delivers in a way that gets us beyond reactivity and into a mindset of positive action.

Trevor Thompson

President, TerraClear (AgTech)

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From the desk of

Michael P. Davidson

CEO, Alder

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