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Our society has become collectively adrift, plagued by disinformation, tribalism, and polarization. Just when they are needed most, leaders have lost touch with core values, forsaking their role as stewards.

Alder’s purpose is to Ignite Generational Leadership.

Generational Leaders are those who act today in service of tomorrow by transcending their ego in pursuit of the common good. Such leaders seek understanding and wisdom on consequential issues and cooperate in order to secure a free and just society for generations to come.

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The Alder Manifesto

Free and just society is and always has been an exception throughout human history, a narrowly lit path that requires stewardship from its own people. As beneficiaries, we have the opportunity and responsibility to ensure that future generations will inherit a freer and more just society, and that we teach them how to do the same for the generations that will follow theirs.

Today, too many of our leaders in industry and in public life have withdrawn from this commitment, and we need them to engage, now more than ever. In their absence, social trust is atrophying and optimism about the future is fading. By not challenging the status quo, we are abdicating our self-determination.

This urgent calling to drive progress starts from within oneself. It is shaped through a commitment to understand the ideals and values that underpin human flourishing – ideals like individual liberty, personal character, self-government, and social capital. When individuals embody these ideals and impart them to others, they bring foresight and wisdom to a reactive and frayed society. They are Generational Leaders.

We call upon more individuals to embark on this lifelong journey.

And in doing so, we are building an institution that ignites Generational Leadership, shaping leaders who will leave this world in the best possible condition to future generations.

Circle Dots

Our Values

We See Through — and Beyond — the Current Moment

History and tradition matter, and we are called to transcend the present because the future is existential.

We Own It

We are accountable to the commitments we take on, with ourselves and each other, and continuously grow by cooperating to achieve our desired outcomes.

Wisdom Lights the Way

A point of view is only as rich as the depth and breadth from which it emerges.

Fun is Better

Laughter and levity are levers for comity, community, and good vibes.

[Solitude or Small Meditations XIV, XVII, XXVI and XII, digital illustrations. © Fabio Issao]


Along their journey, Generational Leaders acquire and embody the following attributes (SHED):


A never-ending journey to understand the self – driven to answer a calling to be the change they want to see in the world.


Embracing vulnerability as a precursor to trust, and trusting in the strength of a community committed to human dignity.


Preceding action with reflection, approaching change with patience, and knowing that perspective is built rigorously.


Advocating for inclusion in support of pluralism, and employing divergence as a means towards convergence.