Frequently Asked

Circle Dots

What is the Member experience?

Speakers, dinners, destinations, digital content, community events, multi-day retreats, and much more! A year with Alder is a managed sequence of thematically-linked engagements that reinforce each other to ignite Generational Leadership, including sense-making content series, intimate discussions within the community, and emotive peak experiences.

How will I change as a Member of Alder?

By investing in the development of character and values, you set a powerful example of leadership, building the trust in society needed to restore our institutions and imbue the world with much-needed optimism for the future. By enthusiastically developing the attributes that create strong people and strong societies, you bring steadiness into the world and become a steward of freedom, liberty, and self-determination. Over the course of your Membership, you will find that your unique worldview comes into focus and the legacy that you want to live becomes clear. You will find ways to articulate clearly, and to put it into practice for yourself, your community and your world.

Why Membership?

Alder is a community of established and highly committed leaders. The benefits that the Members get from each other and from the experience require focus and dedication, and time to develop. An annual Membership covers four cycles of experience, each of which centers around an in-person community event, supported by digital speakers and editorial, and a one-on-one impact mapping session with Alder. In order to get the most out of the program, Members must commit to the full year of experiences.

What is required of me as a Member?

Membership in Alder is a journey, not a final destination. And as is true with any journey, what you take away from it is reliant upon what you give of yourself to it. Our Members drive impact in the world on their own terms. It’s not enough to go through the motions; you need to own it. You need to set your own goals, activate your sphere of influence, and live your own legacy. We require commitment from our Members; to embrace our approach, to participate in our programs, and to support other Members in their growth and development as leaders.

How is Alder different from other communities of leaders?

Our goal is generational, not commercial. Our values-forward approach drives leadership and impact on society with the potential to impact future generations.

Who are Alder's Members? Do you have a specific profile you are looking for to join the community?

Our Members come from all walks of life. Our community is united in its belief to create a better future for generations to come.

Are there any minimum requirements for candidates applying to Alder?

Whilst we welcome individuals from all locations and backgrounds, there are minimum requirements for candidates wishing to apply to join the community.

We require that:

  • You are an influential leader in your community
  • You are committed to acting today in service of tomorrow
  • You believe that principled and purposeful leaders are necessary for creating a freer society

As part of the application process, we will expect you to showcase how you meet these Candidate Requirements.

I am interested in applying to Alder, but I would like to learn more about the Membership before starting my application. Who should I contact?

Please send a message with your inquiry to and we will get back in contact with you shortly.

I am interested in applying to be a Member. How do I start the application process?

Please fill in the form on the Membership page of this site. Upon successful receipt of your interest, we will get back in contact with you shortly with information on next steps of the process.

I am interested in referring someone to become a Member. How can I do this?

Please use the “Refer a New Member” form on the Membership page of this site.

How long does the Membership application process take?

In the application process, we complete a series of conversations, to learn more about you and your goals, and also to ensure that Alder is the right fit for you. In most cases, the application process takes around 6-8 weeks from the date the candidate starts the application process until when they receive their offer to join the community.

Where is Alder located?

We are a national organization, headquartered in Irvine, California. Our Members come from all over the U.S., and our events and experiences take place across the country.